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Portfolio Creation

Pairing world-class service with down-to-earth conversations.

Market timing is “missed opportunity” timing. Getting in and out of the market generates complexity, fees and taxes. Being frequently wrong and paying taxes and fees for this privilege is a surefire formula for wealth erosion.


Our proposed investment philosophy for your situation embraces the importance of customized investment planning and implementation. We recommend the right amount of portfolio diversification across both fixed income and equity investment classes. Your portfolio should strike a balance among managing risk, seeking return and minimizing complexity. That balance shifts with your specific needs, risk tolerance and your understanding of financial instruments. Our number one priority is that you feel comfortable and in control of your portfolio.


Your portfolio should be diversified by asset classes, geography, economic sector and management style in order to achieve negative correlation. Correlation describes the degree of relationship between all portfolio components. You should seek to build an “all weather” portfolio because your retirement should never depend on the stock market or any uncontrollable factors.


It is important to manage the tax costs of investment decisions and not pay government income taxes unless necessary. This is a significant contributor to after tax wealth accumulation. In fact, broker-generated capital gain that trigger taxes are the largest single expense most taxable investors incur. We should try hard to cap your income tax costs and keep them low.


Strategic decisions concerning such factors as conservative investments, effective diversification and tax efficiency will enable you to build a portfolio with minimal transactions and fees. To us, these issues will have the greatest impact on the long term return of your portfolio.